Service Name Image Description Do we do it?
Exterior wall cleaning Cleaning exterior surfaces that range from porous brick, to smooth concrete, to wood with enamel coatings, to glass, to everything in between. All surfaces absorb or become coated in grime, and need to be cleaned regularly
Outside of gutter cleaning Gutters need regular cleaning so that they stay bright and free of grime, and also as they are usually metal if dirt and grime is left on their exteriors too long, they start to corrode. So don't leave it until it's too late!
Pressure cleaning Scrubbing and detergents are useful to clean surfaces. But with some porous exterior surfaces, only water sprayed at high pressure can really penetrate the surface and help flush out that deeply embedded dirt and grime
Driveway and path cleaning Your driveway is visible from street level, and is the first impression your home makes on visitors. It is also prone to oil and soot leaks from your car soaking into it over time, so it needs degreasing and or general cleaning to bring back its original colour
Eaves and fascia cleaning Your eaves, awnings and fascia boards are like the frame around your house, with your house being the work of art in the middle. The cleaner, more well maintained the frame is - the better the overall picture. We use the right equipment, and work at the right heights, to get into all of the nooks and crannies to keep your eaves and awnings and fascias squeaky clean.
Fence cleaning Your fences and gates are the outer most perimeter of your home. Which also makes them the most visible parts of your home from street level. So get them cleaned thoroughly to both extend their lifespan, and improve the impression your home gives to passersby and visitors.
Carport and garage cleaning Carports and garages either accumulate dirt and grease and oil and dust from the vehicles kept in them, or from the items stored in them, or from the doubling up as workshops where power tools spray small particle debris - or all of the above. So get your carport and or garage cleaned and keep them looking good.
Pre-paint cleaning The efficacy of your paint job on your house, is only as good as the cleaning done to it right before applying undercoats and paint. Any grit or dirt not removed, will result in flaws and bubbles in your paint job that most likely cost you thousands to get done. So get us to clean your surfaces, before you paint them.
Pre-sale makeover Your house is most likely the most expensive asset you'll ever own, and if you present it well enough will potentially give you the best financial return of your life. But as valuable as your house is, that value will be disproportionately undermined if it is not cleaned thoroughly, and cleaned contemporaneously to your efforts to market and sell it. We do pre-sale makeover cleans to help you realise a maximum sale price!